AW 'Logo Capsule' & 'Logo' items

AW ‘Logo Capsule’ & ‘Logo’ items

AW ‘Logo Capsule’ & AW ‘Logo’ items

AW ‘LOGO’ Capsule among other Logo items are dropped this Saturday NOV 20TH 10:00 on our website.
Garments made of high quality craftsmanship in The Netherlands, Groningen with a Cotton/Polyester mix made out of premium heavyweight fabrics.

We will continue from now on with these fabrics, so get used.

But we as AnotherWorld want to keep pushing boundaries and creating what we love so you as a customer get a limited unique piece where a lot of skills & local steps have been attached to.

A big thanks to our team for making this all happen.

Thank u for being a family member of AnotherWorld.

PS: This is a limited drop


Love. AnotherWorld